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Travel Protection

When travelling, make sure you have a plan that covers sudden tragedies. Our services can provide your loved ones freedom from worry while you travel the world.

Why do you need Travel Protection?

Travel Protection handles all matters in the event of your passing while travelling.

We will work with professionals where you pass away, and where you live.

We will handle all necessary documents, to guarantee repatriation occurs ASAP.

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Prepare for the Unexpected

Hundreds of thousands of families every year have to deal with tragic, unexpected deaths while travelling. By investing in our Travel Protection Plan, you can ensure that even if tragedy does strike, your family isn’t left high and dry without a way to transport your body or cremated remains home.

Here’s a bit more information about our Travel Protection plans.

Foreign Affairs

Dealing with foreign governments and funeral homes can be challenging. Let our experienced team handle this for you.


We will arrange transportation to a local funeral home near place of death, who will then prepare the deceased for the transportation home.

One Time Fee

Our plans are available for a small, one time fee that will cover you for the rest of your life.

Free Gift

With our Little Black Box, you can easily equip your executor with the estate settlement tools they need

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