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We have worked closely with Canadians for over 80 years to provide insurance and other services designed specifically for funeral expenses.

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*We help individuals provide for their funeral plans by funding those expenses ahead of need, otherwise known as “Preneed.” We do this by working closely with local funeral homes across the Country through our Canada Purple Shield Program. We are the nationwide leader in our industry, and have thousands of clients in every province.

We have a number of Certified Pre-planning Consultants that work in every area of the country. These qualified people can help you with the many aspects of pre-planning your funeral expenses.

Our Head Office can be reached toll-free at 1-800-661-8959.

Brad Klein, General Manager
Herb Hamlin, District Manager
Brad Funston, District Manager
Ken Pike, District Manager
Denine Hanson, Agent
Lauren Perryman, Agent
Chris Perryman, Agent
Jack Koreluik, Agent
John Unser, Agent
Jordan Grant, Agent
Raschel Loeppky, Agent
Sam Hawkins, Agent
Peter Falk, Agent
Joy Bowman, Agent
Lloyd Hudson, Agent
Michael Penner, Agent
Michele Kines, Administrative Assistant
Amanda Willick, Administrative Assistant
Kimberly Evans, Community Outreach Coordinator
Edwin Rijvers

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