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Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral can be complicated. So by making arrangements ahead of time you can avoid stressful situations for your family and your executor.

Why create a funeral plan?

You can prevent your family from emotional overspending.

Take the emotional burden of making these decisions from your loved ones.

Remove the financial stress that will be left to your executor and family.

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What Does a Complete Funeral Plan Look Like?

In order for a funeral plan to be effective, it needs a few key things

Final Expense Funding

You select the terms of your funding with one of our professionals. The amount of funding required will depend on your funeral wishes and preferences. Whether you want to look at a low monthly payment or a lump sum deposit, we have an option that will suit your needs.

Funeral Contract

We help you select the choices you want for your funeral. We work with your preferred funeral establishment to make sure everything is accounted for.

Registered With a Funeral Home

We register your plan with the funeral home of your choice. This allows the plan to grow with tax free interest growth, and be paid out to your family tax free as well.

Free Gift

With our Little Black Box, you can easily equip your executor with the estate settlement tools they need

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