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Final Document Services

Make sure nothing falls between the cracks. Equip your executor with the proper tools they need to organize and transfer ownership of everything, from your bank accounts to your membership cards.

Why get our Final Document Services Package?

Protect vulnerable accounts from thieves and fraud after your passing.

Handle things like pensions, benefits, and life insurance in advance.

Close or transfer ownership of any and all membership cards.

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How Does Final Document Services Work?

Executor Assistant Final Document Service (FDS) is our trusted partners program that creates a comprehensive package for your executor, so that they have everything they need to manage your accounts after your passing.


During our comprehensive evaluation process, we’ll help you explore every nook and cranny in your life to make sure nothing gets overlooked.


Then we’ll create an easy to understand package that includes over 300 items, with instructions on how to address every account after your passing.


Once the process is complete, we’ll hand you a prepared, stamped, and addressed envelope with everything your executor needs, ready to be signed.

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